Our work aims to impact deforestation in tropical forests.

To advance equitable and enduring solutions, Forests, People, Climate (FPC) focuses on ensuring funding flows to where it is most needed for success, in particular to Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities, and Afro-descendants in tropical forest countries. A broader network of organizations will efficiently move funding to local partners.

A Monitoring and Learning (M&L) Framework functions as a service to the field, so partners can assess progress of collective efforts in halting and reversing forest loss and securing just, sustainable development, harness critical data and knowledge, inform and strengthen their approaches, and ultimately, ensure success.

Photo by Kynan Tegar

We focus on advancing equitable and enduring solutions to:

Safeguard tropical forests and the communities stewarding them

  • Support Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and Afro-descendants rights, tenure and management
  • Ensure Community-led land-use systems

Shift finance and markets to favor standing forests

  • Remove economic incentives to destroy forests
  • Fund solutions regarding supply chains, private finance, and carbon markets integrity

Strengthen public support and advance strong policy

  • Strategic communications
  • Research & Monitoring
  • Enabling conditions

Cross-cutting priorities with a current focus on three geographies.

By the numbers

$2 billion

FPC aims to mobilize $2 billion in new philanthropic support over the next five years.

$780 million

Funding already secured through FPC

600 experts

Engaged in FPC strategies aimed at collectively meeting the goal to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030.