Cross-cutting strategies with a current focus on three geographies.

A set of strategies was developed through an inclusive process targeting priorities to support action and align stakeholders.


See our strategic priorities for each focus area.

Brazilian Amazon

Halting and reversing deforestation and degradation while addressing injustice

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Congo Basin

Enhancing Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities’ forest rights and promoting sustainable economies

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Supporting Indonesia’s ambition for a green, just, and resilient economy

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Carbon Markets Integrity

Ensuring carbon markets have high social and environmental integrity

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Enabling Conditions

Advancing community-determined priorities, defending civic space, and supporting the resilience of organizations and movements

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Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and Afro-Descendants

Ensuring rights recognition, tenure security, and forest stewardship

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Private Finance

Shifting private financial flows from deforestation-linked to forest-positive

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Strategic Communications

Shifting dominant narratives and mobilizing public action

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Supply Chains

Transforming commodity production, trade, and consumption systems

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Our work aims to impact deforestation in tropical forests

Photo by Priscila Tapajowara / Mídia Indígena